Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services

Whether you already have a website or are looking to build one soon, having the right internet marketing services for your online business plan is key. After all, no one wants to pay for something that is not necessary. Why would you replace the carpet in your house if you merely need to paint the walls? The same applies to the Internet and your online business. With a full site audit, we can put together a plan that will work for you in 3 Stages: the immediate, the local, and the long-term.

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Organic Versus Paid Marketing

When doing searches in Google say tennis shoes, for example, you may see a search engine result page, or SERP, that looks similar to the one on the side. The top results are those reserved for paid traffic. In other words, people have bid on certain keywords, created ads, and compete to have their ad appear on the top of the SERPs. Those results will have a small green box next to them that reads, Ads.

Below the ads are the organic results. Those results are the ones whose website is optimized for the keywords you have entered in your Google Search.


Our Inception

STU Enterprises began in 2012 after its owner, Steven Bryner, had an other-than-pleasurable experience with a hired internet marketing company. Upon hearing that said marketing company could build, optimize, and market a website, his dream was seemingly ready to take flight. However, when reality set in, and all of the dust settled, the site was rudimentary, the optimization was hardly optimal, and as far as the marketing was concerned, in the end, a large sum of money was give as a donation to the so-called professional internet marketing company. No Service. No Satisfaction. No Synergy.

Primary Goal

There is only one goal in the business world: to create a solid product or fulfill a service to customers, solving a need or want in the world, and accomplishing it with a competitive business model which will ensure it’s financial success. With that primary goal in mind, STU Enterprises approaches each company differently, obtaining the client’s business objectives, and aligning them with the top performing options in the online business world. Ultimately, our goal is to produce results, which delivers success to our clients’ businesses. If our clients are not successful, neither are we. That is what STU Enterprises is all about.

STU Enterprises first website homepage for internet marketing services

One year later

A website was born. It was live, interactive, had lots of content, but was by no means cutting edge, high quality, or easy on the eyes! Then, it happened: we received an organic lead from the website. As it turned out, that lead wasn’t the highest paying client we have ever had, but we can honestly say we will never forget that client, and are eternally grateful for that first opportunity in the online marketing industry.

The team was still quite young even by this industry’s standards. However, we continued to work hard, keeping up with the latest industry news, rolling with the punches of algorithm updates, new AdWords editors, and the full integration of Social Media & their signals, and relentlessly delivered a quality product with positive results no matter how much extra time was needed to complete the job. Needless to say, there were many days, and nights, that we burned the candle at both ends.


Two Years Later

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STU Enterprises Logo Internet Marketing Services

Three years later

New Logo. Another New Website. More Satisfied Clients. STU Enterprises has now reached out to the rest of the United States, entertaining the idea of clients spread across our vast country in various industries. From outdoor adventures to multi-million dollar enterprises, we are willing to discuss the future of any online business, creating a seemingly tangible image for each client to grasp.

Into the Future

No platform in the world has changed the way we do business more than the internet. The Internet & its new form of marketing have changed how we think about our online storefronts, the ever-changing online market, and more importantly, our online customers.

So what separates STU Enterprises from the rest of the pack of internet marketing consulting companies? Implementation. Many of us internet marketers talk a great game. We back it up with results-driven success, implementing specific strategies & testing new opportunities.


Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

Many businesses fail in the first year – actually, it has been said that 50% of all businesses fail in the first year, and nearly 95% fail in the first 5 years. Like all adventures in life, some business adventures are definitely sweeter than others, and even in the sweetest ones, the bitter taste of proper planning, hard work, and determination are rarely the focus. The bitter-sweet flavor is always present, but seldom does the taste last for long when the sweet flavor of success hits the palette. Although STU Enterprises is still in the first 5 years of its existence, we are far past the scare of having to leave the proverbial table without dessert.

Allow us to earn your business by offering a free consultation where we will sit down & explain the work possibilities, priorities in both organic & paid search, along with formulating a game plan specific to each company that demands, warrants, and harnesses success.

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Internet Marketing Services

Consulting and Services Combined

Internet Consulting lives at the root of internet marketing. Having big picture thinking is critical to get the best out of your online storefront. Hire an agency that can think from many perspectives, not just the one you place in front of them. Utilizing the leading tools in the industry, we can not only review and analyze the data, we interpret the data in a tangible way, pulling from it those valuable actions from your visitors, moving forward. Ultimately, we have seen what works and what does not, how others cut corners and many ways to waste resources. Stu Enterprises eliminates wasteful processes and inefficient tasks. We want to see you succeed.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Implementing a pay per click advertising campaign into a businesses’ total web presence creates a perfect opportunity to place a website in front of a targeted audience, one that is already looking for specific products and services. The ads created, for example, in a Google pay per click campaign are displayed above organic listings in search rankings, often times for the competition. Being at the top of the page on search results raises the chances for the person triggering the ads and listings to click the paid ad near the top, instead of the organic listing below those.

PPC Account Management Services

Although there are quite a few different approaches, devices, and other steps before hitting that mark, there are two absolutely fantastic benefits to implementing this methodology into a digital marketing campaign:

  1. With certified PPC account managers, a team can implement, measure, optimize, and report back to the business owner on this method within days. After the initial account set-up, clicks can begin to take place instantly, potentially raising the bottom line for each day significantly.
  2. This process requires no time for the business owner. A good digital marketing agency will set-up the account based on the business website, utilizing the site and the paid campaign hand-in-hand in a sort of symbiotic relationship, needing no real assistance from the business owner. However, we personally like it when the owners are involved. The results are astounding!
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website’s performance with the sole purpose of ranking highly in the organic search results for specific terms, called keywords or keyword phrases that directly relate to specific brands, products, or services on that website. This can also be done with a family of websites, creating a metaphorical community within a brand, for example. Each website would have to be optimized separately and together for the best results. When approaching SEO, a business owner should evaluate the need to “be on top” of the search engine rankings. For example, many e-commerce websites within a tight industry depend greatly on top-level SEO techniques that keep the website on the first page of search results in the sea of competition.

SEO Methodology

At STU Enterprises, we feel some of the best things in life come for free, and in a potentially high-dollar industry that is usually well-received by our clients. We like to take a gravy train approach to SEO, train hopping at the proverbial caboose and performing those much needed simple tasks that often times get easily overlooked. Once the caboose is secure, our team begins moving systematically towards the engine compartment where the detailed mechanics need to be performed. This approach ensures a checks and balances system to a very complicated, and multi-faceted method of digital marketing. For our team, it allows our SEOs (search engine optimizers) to continuously build a dynamic SEO structure that will continue to serve the business website well into the future. Some digital marketing agencies may fail to see the importance of the gravy train approach, but many successful small-to-medium businesses (SMB) have sustained their entire existence, thriving off of the gravy train approach to SEO. The professional SEO specialists at STU Enterprises leave no train car unvisited, incorporating local SEO into global SEO and small SEO to enterprise SEO, depending on the needs of the individual business. After boarding the gravy train, there is only one way to get to the engine compartment, and we get down and dirty to make it the whole way.

Content Management

SEO Copywriting

Content marketing is an emerging method of digital marketing that incorporates the old school techniques of story-telling in print and places it in a digital world of hyperactivity in attempts to gain the attention of a visitor for an average of 3 seconds a page. Honestly, having any type of content on a website is important, but having quality, compelling, search engine optimized, focused, engaging, and themed content is the bee’s knees. Search engines, like Google, crawl websites regularly in attempts to gather themes and topics from website pages all over the Internet. Google’s goal is to offer its users the best experience possible by being able to deliver the top-valued websites with the best content to each and every search query made on the search engine, every time.

Search Engine Optimized Content

Our team of professional copywriters put themselves in the clients’ shoes, performing the same types of searches as would his or her customers. We put exceptional efforts into making sure the content is of original quality, highly engaging, reflects the businesses’ knowledge about its industry, and most importantly, that it delivers a trusted and valued piece of information to better introduce the visitor to the brand, product, or service with the goal of turning readers into buyers. It is imperative that a website can relay quality, engaging content, guiding site visitors to exactly that which they are searching. Whether visitors are learning about specific products, services, or a brand, merely browsing or performing price comparisons, or are in the end stages of the buying cycle ready to purchase the products and services, a website can build trust with its visitors in every stage of the sales funnel, offering useful content in the form of video, words, and audio to name some. Soliciting acceptable trust is the elusive secret to constructing a few main aspects of customers acquisition:

  1. building a loyal audience that engages and continues to return
  2. building an advocacy program for your new and returning visitors
  3. and ultimately, converting those loyal visitors into loyal customers

Not to mention, these loyal customers will eventually become the brand’s leading advocates by literally telling everyone else they know. No matter what any digital marketing agency says, word-of-mouth marketing is still king of the hill in every valued statistic column there is available – it is the one-two punch in all-of-marketing. Who knew a few engaging pieces of content could do that?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter have become a booming market for shoppers. Many SMB turns their head at social media, but they are missing the gravy train – shoppers already interested in topics related to the businesses’ products and services. Today, more than ever before, having a stable and engaging social media presence on the Internet is often times just as important as having a website. As that website builds its brand on social media channels, major search engines begin to organically reveal more of your brand. Why? Social media networks are required to do the same SEO efforts and advertising that everyone else does. Facebook’s many SEO, for example, are constantly optimizing its total web presence through each and every user with which it engages – and although they may have a better model than most all other digital marketing agencies, they are nonetheless performing SEO. Social Media Networks have created a model that amplifies its exposure by utilizing each of its nearly 1 billion users to spread the word. Our theory on this matter is simple: jump on the gravy train and do some easy SEO for the business while building a community of advocates to support the brand.

Social Media and the Search Engines

STU Enterprises’ social media marketing is quite advanced and familiar with many of the major social networks. We also all engage with these same networks in our personal lives as well. This helps all of our clients extensively. But that is not all – we also have a few tools up our sleeve that help us monitor the networks. Utilizing professional data analysis tools such as Google Analytics and social media specific software, we can monitor multiple channels simultaneously, allowing us to determine which are working and which need help. The main question business owners need to ask themselves when forging a journey into social media is Where do my customers hang out in the social media world? In other words, where are the people that are going to best support the brand, advocate for the brand, buy the brand publicly, and share the satisfaction to everyone else in the networks? When this information is dialed in, brands begin to harness the true power of social media.

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