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Optimized Rankings on Major Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Copywriting is a very serious topic when it comes to small businesses. After all, if people cannot find a website, how will they ever engage with it? With a number of industry-leading tools and updated techniques, both on-page and off-page, our team will begin to boost your natural rankings, leading potential customers to your business. Getting customers into the sales funnel is the primary goal of all our digital marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Copywriting Services

SEO brings your website to the forefront of people’s searches who are looking for your products and services. Through several offered services, including digital marketing consulting, our team will conduct regular upgrades to your local online reputation and search engine availability, building quality and bringing value through compelling optimized content. Adding the digital advertising element to your SEO offers the one-two punch for any marketing strategy. Colorado clients, be sure to reach out to one of our Denver SEO consultants for your free consultation!

STU Enterprises Search Engine Optimization and driving traffic to your site through organic rankings

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a daunting task for business owners mainly due to the time-consuming attention it deserves. Now, social media has become such a large platform for advertising that organic and natural rankings heavily depend on its presence within your search engine plans for optimization. The SEO specialists at STU Enterprises can cater a game plan, starting with the gravy train approach all the way to enterprise SEO for your business’s organic online presence that can also include a strategic social media plan, tying your SEO together like a big blue bow on a little girl’s church dress.

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it commonly referred to, is the process of bringing a website to the front page of search results, ideally with white hat techniques. Ultimately, there is nothing worse than having a great product or service with nobody ever seeing it. SEO is compiled into a long laundry list of to-dos, as well as not-to-dos. As Google updated their algorithms again in June 2021, there’s areas of websites needing more attention with Google’s Core Vitals now being a ranking factor.

When beginning your SEO journey, think like a customer – one of your customers. The quicker you can begin to identify where they are looking online, how they are behaving while online, and where they like to be marketed to online, the quicker you will understand how to formulate your SEO strategy. With all marketing skills, there are a few basics that should be heeded in all situations. Here are a few of those SEO tips:

  • Be sure your website and its pages are what they say they are
  • Use the language that your customers use
  • Make your site easy to navigate (and buy from!)
  • Do not stuff keywords into your pages
  • Update new information consistently and frequently
  • And above all, write quality content with valuable information for your customers and potential customers
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STU Enterprises Google My Business Listing in Google Search Engine Results Pages

Local SEO

As your business grows, so does the buzz surrounding your products and services. If you are like many small to medium-sized businesses, you began locally and then started to expand into new markets. Maybe your business is still on the local level. Regardless, a question must be asked: Am I being found online?

Local SEO begins with registering your business with all of the major search engines and verifying that you are indeed a real business with a real owner. The more authenticated your business can be online, the more frequently your business will show up in local search results. Even if your business is based online, or doesn’t sell to the local community, major search engines still want to know that it is real. The movement to the real is becoming the norm these days. Why? In a nutshell, Google is why.

Google is placing an extreme amount of value on the SMBs of the world, and more importantly, where they are located and what they have to say. If you have a business that sells shoes, for example, you may be lost in the shuffle with thousands, maybe millions, of other results. However, if you are a store that sells shoes in Davy, FL, with a website that not only has images and informative descriptions of all the different types of shoes sold in your store, but also has quality SEO content that offers valuable information to both search engines and potential buyers, then you have already reduced the clutter by verifying your Davy, FL Shoe Store with search engines like Google & Bing. These search engines crawl sites by the millions, but not on their own. You must tell them that you are there consistently and frequently. There are digital advertising avenues to take on the short term, but the SEO game is a long term commitment.

Social Media and Search Engine Rankings

Search engines, as stated before, are updating their algorithms constantly. As they learn more and more about the behaviors of their users while online, they begin to determine what the users want before the user actually knows what he or she wants. Once this understanding is finalized, the next phase is to leverage this information to offer the user the best, and often times easiest, way to get where they are going. Enter Social Media, social interactions, and social signals.

Building an online reputation is hard enough with merely a website. Now enters thousands of social media channels. Think of your social media channels as functions in your community: some are important, and some may have little weight. Just as in your physical social life, choosing which event to attend daily, weekly, or monthly, you must also be choosy into which social channels you want to participate. Why? Social Reputation. Just as you build your website to be a trusted member of the online community, you want to demonstrate your brand to have that same trusted reputation. Search engines reward those social interactions within the social communities, especially those that come prepared to socialize, offering valued industry information and insights to problem-solving with a genuine voice that is both frequent and valued by others in the same community. STU Enterprises can help your business be reputable, consistent, and most importantly found on Google & Bing organically – Contact us today!