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Marketing Consulting

Helping consult small businesses in a number of industries through organization, system creation and optimization.


Digital Marketing

Formulating a strategy that properly monetizes each website, by lead generation or eCommerce, creating another revenue stream for clients.


Website Design

Designing websites to properly represent each business individually, its products and services as well as its reputation.

Small Business + Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital marketing consulting involves planning and strategizing future online campaigns with organization, system creation and efficiency.

STU Enterprises Digital Marketing Consulting Services and Web Design

Paid Digital Advertising (PPC)

Create a Revenue Stream from Your Website


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Start Making Money While You Are Sleeping


WordPress Website Design

Match Your Website to Your Real Business

Multi-device digital marketing

User experience is one of the most weighted elements in Google’s algorithm, ranking websites in the SERPs. Having an online presence that caters to the muti-device lifestyle we now have is more important than ever. Ensure your website design and digital marketing efforts are aligned to offer the most user-friendly experience possible.



Track users to your website that visited on a desktop or laptop device, segmenting that audience data.


Mobile (Tablet)

Monitor mobile and tablet behaviors of your website visitors throughout the entire customer journey.

Thinking bigger is what initially brings many business owners into entrepreneurship. Don’t stop there – keep thinking outside of the box with your operations, processes, marketing and more. Expand your business out of its current confines – turn marketing budgets into revenue streams. Begin reaching customers you never dreamed of before. Allow your website to start making a profit.

Formulating a digital marketing strategy that fits your business goals is as important as creating a website that best represents your business. Research and analyze the competition, discover the channels online customers are buying from, and start targeting potential customers in areas you didn’t think to look. New opportunities come up more often than one thinks!

Digital marketing + small business consulting require a good mix of combined skills

Combining a healthy mixture of digital advertising to aid with search engine optimization efforts, ensuring that social media engagement stays up, email open rates are above par, all while making sure the site stays live for all to see are a few of the major routine checks required.

STU Enterprises is a Google Partner Specializing in Digital Marketing and Small Business Consulting Services.

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Customer Satisfaction


Accounts Managed


Millions Managed


Years in Business

Passion for what we do is rendered in our Services


Marketing Consulting

Small business digital marketing consultants that help improve efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately, the bottom line.


Analytics Tracking

Measure website performance and advertising returns on investment (ROI) plus social networking sites, video and more.


Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO, Local SEO, and Technical SEO, utilizing best practices to optimized metadata, schema markup, and more.


Website Design

WordPress web design, either redesigning, or creating brand new, a website that properly represents online business today.


Digital Advertising

PPC management on Google Ads, YouTube, and Bing Ads for Lead Generation and eCommerce efforts across several industries.


Social Media Marketing

Create customized paid social media advertising campaigns aligned with business goals, sparking valuable engagements.

STU Enterprises is a team of experts dedicated
to crafting meaningful relationships

#1 Asset: Clients

We are all in this together! At the end of the day, STU Enterprises does not succeed until our clients do.

Fully Flexible Team

Having a team of professionals is paramount, but having a compassionate team of humans sure makes for a great day!

Customer Centric

Customizing reports, adjusting meetings times, going the extra mile – when our clients are happy, we’re happy.

Customer Friendly

We communicate in terms everyone can understand. Relating to our customers is always top of line at STU Enterprises.

Results-driven digital marketing

Utilizing some of the best tools in the digital marketing industry for reporting, research, analysis, and alerts, STU Enterprises delivers quality, measurable success.


Small Business Consulting

Expect Growth with Small Business Consulting


Website Analytics Tracking

Measure Success From Highly Educated Decisions


STU Enterprises is Expanding

STU is Opening Offices Across the United States

STU Enterprises results-driven digital marketing - now expanding into Denver, CO, Glenwood Springs, CO and Winter Springs, FL.

Brilliant Marketing Strategies in Motion!


Consulting Backed by Trust

Over 20 years of internet marketing experience from industries and countries all over the world.


Multi-Device Optimizations

Providing users with a pleasant user experience no matter what device they happen to choose.


White Hat Digital Marketing

Transparent, walking through every step of the marketing process, and reporting on the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Advanced Analytics Tracking

Successful businesses know how to measure their success and website success is no different.


ROI Focused Strategies

Expert marketing strategists, ensuring budgets are spent with the largest ROI at the forefront of each project.


Modern Website Designs

Our WordPress website designs are simple, clean, and have been pre-optimized for user experience.