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Digital Marketing Consulting Process


Step 1: Identify Online Goals

One of the most important tasks we undertake is to identify and align our partners’ online goals with their broader business objectives. This step serves as the foundation for everything that follows in our process, like building blocks that stack on top of each other. By combining our knowledge of the digital landscape with our partners’ business aims, we ensure that every step we take is in sync with their vision. This alignment is like the guiding star that leads us on our journey, helping us achieve outstanding results together.


Step 2: Document & Organize

As a Google Partner, STU Enterprises takes advantage of the tools and resources provided by Google. We use these tools to keep everything well-organized. We document, arrange, and share all our research, analysis, and ongoing work with our partners. This helps us stay organized and, at the same time, keeps our partners in the loop about the work we’re doing. We believe in transparency, and our aim is to ensure that our partners are well-informed and actively involved in their online journey.

STU Enterprises Digital Marketing Strategy Formation


Step 3: Formulate Strategy

Next, we create a digital strategy that aligns with our partners’ goals for boosting sales and generating leads. Our consultants excel in crafting a strong plan that combines various online and real-world channels and resources to enhance overall profitability. Bringing together a cohesive game plan that makes sense in both the digital and physical realms is a key aspect of a successful strategy. It’s all about ensuring that everyone involved is working towards the same objectives, both online and in the real world, for maximum impact.


Step 4: Design, Build, and Track

Once the strategy is set and given the green light by our partner, it’s time to put the plan into action. At STU Enterprises, we take immense pride in not just outlining the strategy but also rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done. We believe in action, and we’re ready to implement the strategy for our partners whenever necessary. This hands-on approach ensures that the design and building phases transition seamlessly into the performance-tracking phase, where we can measure results and drive success.

STU Enterprises Digital Marketing Campaign Design
STU Enterprises Digital Marketing Campaign Launch

Go Live

Step 5: Launch Designed Efforts

Whether setting a website live or launching new advertising campaigns, we meticulously follow our lists and check them twice! Our consultants are detail-oriented, keeping the details as polished as the rest of the process.


Step 6: Check and Troubleshoot

After our website designs and/or digital marketing campaigns have gone live, it is time to monitor data, esure it is properly configured as discussed and begin fine tuning our efforts in a live environment.


Step 7: Data Collection Analysis

Our team utilizes some of the top tools in the industry to collect data from your digital efforts, research, analyze and optimize those same efforts.


Step 8: Optimize Towards Goals

Once data is flowing, we can really optimize the efforts. This is where we identify early successes and failures to make adjustments on the fly.

STU Enterprises Digital Marketing Data-Driven Optimization


Step 9: Rinse and Repeat

When we find things that work well, we aim to build on that success. And if we come across efforts that aren’t delivering the desired results, we adjust our approach to make better use of our resources. It’s all about making the most of what’s working and learning from what’s not to ensure our digital strategies are constantly improving and moving us closer to success. That being said, when we find something working above our expectations, we push our energies into the direction of higher profits!


At STU Enterprises, we’re passionate about empowering small businesses to thrive in the digital world. Our team of digital marketing experts brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the table. Many of our consultants have climbed the ranks in the industry, and they now use their expertise to guide small businesses towards success. We’re committed to providing our partners with a transparent process that ensures they know exactly what to expect as we work together to achieve their online business goals.

Meet the Team at STU Enterprises

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Steven Bryner II - STU Enterprises President

Steven Bryner II


Our Partners

Trusted partners with the same vision

STU Enterprises - Google Partner - Denver PPC agency serving Denver, the Front Range and throughout Colorado since 2012.


Google Partner
Kinsta logo in purple text


WordPress Hosting
GoDaddy - Domain Registrar service provider offering businesses the opportunity to expand their reach online through domain purchases, domain auctions, and lower level web hosting.


Domain Registrar
Clutch - B2B lead generation service provider offering businesses the opportunity to connect to work and provide services for each other.


Lead Generation Service Provider
Espy Solutions Denver Digital Marketing Agency

ESPY Solutions

Denver Web Design Agency
Design Rush - Partnering with STU Enterprises

Design Rush

Florida Design Agency

Passion for what we do is rendered in our Services


Consulting Services

Small business and digital marketing consultants that help improve efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately, the bottom line


Google Analytics 4

Measure website performance and advertising return on investment (ROI) – Pair GA4 with Google Tag Manager and Looker Studio


Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO, Local SEO, and Technical SEO, utilizing best practices to optimized metadata, schema markup, and more


Website Design

WordPress web design, either redesigning, or creating brand new, a website that properly represents online brands today


Digital Advertising

PPC management by a certified Google Partner for lead generation and ecommerce efforts across several niche industries


Social Media Consulting

Create customized paid social media advertising campaigns aligned with business goals, sparking valuable engagements

Denver PPC and Google Ads changes to Enhanced Conversion tracking

Highly Skilled Team

Our team of PPC consultants and SEO consultants are data-driven and remain focused on being results-oriented PPC managers and SEO marketers 

Better Customer Support

Delivering top-quality digital marketing services is at the root of our approach, but the long game for us is building personal, lasting client relationships

Solid Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation for several aspects of online success, especially with most major search engines such as Google and Bing


Home Services

Tailored marketing strategies can revolutionize the online presence of Home Service businesses


HVAC Marketing

Reach a larger audience and attract new customers by harnessing the power of HVAC marketing


Plumbing SEO

Achieve success in the plumbing industry’s competition with a comprehensive approach


Plumbing Marketing

Unique challenges face plumbing professionals and our mission is to empower you with strategies


Law Firm SEO

Having a robust SEO strategy ensures that law firms appear prominently in relevant search results



Trustworthy HVAC SEO is absolutely essential for the success of home services businesses


Roofing Marketing

Challenges transform into opportunities with the right digital marketing strategy for roofing


Real Estate SEO

Meet your trusted partner in elevating your online presence in the competitive world of real estate


Roofing SEO

Ensure that your roofing company is featured when local customers search for your services


STU Enterprises efforts with our Adwords, Google My Business and other digital assets was very fruitful and we are very please with our first six months of working together. They are accessible, responsive and knowledgeable.


We have seen a dramatic increase of traffic to our business since bringing them on and we will continue to use them for the foreseeable future. From digital marketing to website consulting and design and more, we are very glad to have found these guys and would highly recommend them to anyone.


STU Enterprises has helped me out for years with a variety of paid search and analytics projects. Their technical knowledge of Google Ads and Google Analytics continues to impress me.

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