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STU Enterprises Google Search Network example for pay per click advertising

Search Network

Pay Per Click Advertising

Across the Search and Display Networks, there are many opportunities drive qualified traffic to your website. Pay per click advertising is the fastest, easiest, and most simple way to accomplish it.

STU Enterprises Google Display Network example for pay per click advertising and remarketing

Display Network

Pay Per Click Advertising Drives Traffic

The Search Network delivers highly qualified traffic by capturing searchers that are already looking for your products and services. This network also offers the highest return on ad spend for your company.

Through standard Google Best Practices, persuasive calls-to-action, stunning images, promotions and other highly targeted techniques, your pay per click advertising will immediately begin to drive traffic.

Drive copious amounts of traffic for pennies on the dollar and get more people in front of your products. The Display Network is the perfect avenue, capturing your audience by delivering amazing visuals.


Pay per click advertising is getting more obtainable, more percise, more trackable, and can mean more income for your business. Do away with the traditional marketing techniques of the 20th Century. Drive Traffic. Make Money. Rinse and Repeat.


Track Results

Get Real-Time information from your website instantly


Increase ROI

Invest in your business and create a Revenue Stream.

Establish a budget that works best for you. Every company and every industry is different. Therefore, the cost per click may differ depending on industry information, and how competitive the keywords are in your industry. The individual keyword bidding process in combination with the quality scores of your keywords and ads will determine your ad ranking on the first page of search results. Our goal is to accommodate your budget, obtaining the best possible ranking in your industry.

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